Rise Wellness Group

Life is a journey and living it healthily is a process. It is our mission at Rise Wellness Group to partner with you on your journey of self-discovery, the hard work of healing and the pursuit of healthy relationships. We are positioned to meet the mental/emotional health and relational needs of the diverse population of Houston, Texas.

We understand the courage it takes to reach out for help and support. We believe in the resiliency of people both young and mature. Our therapist at Rise will provide safe spaces for you learn more about yourself, to navigate through life’s difficult transitions/stages and/or circumstances as well as healing areas of past hurts as well as trauma. Our end goal is for our clients to experience restoration of or introduction to true JOY through the healing of their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Our shared aspiration is to be a bridge across the divides of humanity and also the human experiences that cause disconnection and confusion in our shared community. Take this opportunity to choose to pursue the healthiest possible you with our therapist at Rise Wellness Group. The climb may be challenging, but you are worth the RISE!

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