Rise Wellness Group

View our current Group Counseling Session offers. Additional Group sessions will be available through out the year. Please revisit this page to see updated group sessions, dates and times. 

Teen Girls Counseling Group

Rise Wellness Group's Teen Girls Group Counseling sessions provide a supportive community for young women to break free from isolation and insecurity. Our primary goal is to foster healthy relationships, both with oneself and others, empowering each participant to thrive. Join us as we journey together towards self-discovery, and personal growth. For more information contact emily@risewellgroup.com.

Healthy College Lifestyle

Rise Wellness Group's Healthy College Lifestyle Group Counseling sessions are designed with one goal in mind: to empower you to live your best college life. Through our sessions, you'll gain invaluable social, emotional, wellness, academic, and life skills, equipping you for success and fulfillment during this transformative chapter of your journey. For more information contact emily@risewellgroup.com.
Multi-Cultural Group Of Men And Women At Mental Health Group Therapy Meeting

Adult Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group

Gain new skills in a group to help you live the life you want. DBT is clinically proven to be effective for people struggling with depression, anxiety, social challenges, relational issues, suicide ideation, and eating disorders. For more information contact cami@risewellgroup.com